Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy as of August 26, 2020

A "privacy policy" is a statement that I use to disclose the way I gather, use and manage the personal information of my people who contact me and who voluntarily give me their name and/or contact


I do not collect or store any data on this website that I can associate with your identity or your personal information. Not only do I not collect or store that data, I am not physically equipped to collect such data or store such data. Even if almighty God asked nicely to see your data, I wouldn't have anything to show him.

I do not collect or store your data on this website. If you contact me by phone, the phone number you use to contact me will be stored in my phone and in my contacts list until it is deleted. Similarly, if you initiate contact via email, the email that you use to contact me will be stored in my email contacts list-

No purchases can be made on this site. I don't sell anything on this site. And you cannot leave your name and contact information on this site. I did away with the contact for this morning.

Privacy Policy as of August 21, 2020

To contact me using the Contact Form, asks for  your name and email address and phone number. That is so I can send you a response and so that I can address you appropriately by name.

My domain was registered at GoDaddy and is hosted there. My website itself is hosted by Wix. Honestly, I have no idea what GoDaddy, Wix, my internet service provider,  your browser, my browser, your social media accounts, my open tabs, et cetera are collecting in terms of the information that you intentionally input and in terms of your online activities and behavior in general.

I am not personally doing anything with your name and email but contacting you to respond to your message.

Eventually, Cesar will see this and suggest a more conventional privacy policy with a bunch of gobbledy-gook language that nobody quite understands.

I will update this policy as soon as I can, making it perhaps more conventional, still readable and still easily comprehensible