Why Some Students Cheat (5 Paragraph Essay Sample)

Lying, stealing, and cheating are commonplace. (Joseph B. Wirthlin). For many the point of school is merely to get through it, learning the subjects taught is not the objective, at all.The objective is to pass classes and to do so means submitting coursework (assignments, exams, etc) by any means necessary. Four reasons why some students chose cheating as a means to an end is that cheating allows them to reallocate their finite hours; to get good grades or at least complete assignments and exams; to feel the thrill of doing something naughty, and to keep up with the Joneses.

Firstly, some students who cheat do so because they elect to use the time and effort needed to legitimately complete their school work in other ways. For example, going out with friends to a sports event, a weekend beach getaway, more sleep, or an afternoon squandered on social media, may be a much more inviting way to spend one’s time than completing a school assignment or preparing for an academic exam.

Secondly, for some students cheating to get good grades and/or at least complete assignments and exams seems like an easier way to get by than not cheating. Surely it is better copy someone’s homework then turn in nothing at all. Besides, copying the work of students who have a reputation for being smart and getting good grades is likely to mean a good grade for the cheating student as well.

Thirdly, some cheaters enjoy the adrenaline rush they feel when they break the rules. Although they have time to do their school work and they have the resources to complete the work honestly, they prefer not to do the work themselves. They prefer to submit the work of others as if it were their own, for the rush it gives them.

Finally, once someone realizes that others are cheating, that person, too, wants to join the crowd. Besides, it’s cooler to watch movies every night and just hire someone to do your assignments. It’s hipper to work with a group of classmates and take turns doing the homework and sharing the results with the others.

Students who cheat on schoolwork know it is against the rules but cheating has multiple benefits. Cheating allows cheaters to reallocate their time to engage in activities they prefer, to submit completed school work and possibly get better grades because of cheating, to experience the exhilaration of getting away with cheating and to conform to the modus operandi of the other cool students.

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