Ways to Use TED

These are some TED Talks that I uploaded to ReadLang. I am now synchronizing the videos with the transcripts. :)

Activities that can be done with any one of the videos/texts linked below:

(1) Shadowing--to sharpen your listening skills

(2) Vocabulary expansion --by reading the text on ReadLang and adding words and phrases to your Readlang Word List to practice

(3) Listening to the talk, preferably with eyes closed and preferably more than one time.

(4) Pause as often as needed to write a summary of the talk from the audio, not from the written text.

(5) Read and record your voice delivering part of the talk. Compare your voice wit the original. Repeat the process, trying to improve your sound.

(6) State one point that the speaker made. State if you agree or don't agree and explain why you agree or why you disagree.

(7) State one point that the speaker made and state how the speaker supported that point.

(8) Choose 5 words or phrases that you like that you heard in the lecture. Use those words or phrases in original sentences. Remember your sentences can be questions, statements or requests.

(9) Describe how the speaker was dressed.

(10) What about the lecture made it difficult to understand? What about the lecture made it difficult to understand

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