"U" Pronunciation

Group 1

us, summer, understand, bus much, ugly, bug, mustard, muscle, mussel, mud, mum, mumm, Mumms, tummy, rush, slug, rug, cup, unusual, uninterested, crush, curly, under, us, lettuce, un-tied, utter, lucky, humble, hurt, luck, sluggish, utterly, luscious, lush, putt

Group 2

Tuesday, flu, blue, lube, lubricate, Lucy, Lucille, Group 3

put, crook, soot Group 4


The difference in the “u” sound in “focus” and all of the “u”s of Group 1 is that the “u” sound is of an extremely short duration but the quality of the vowel sound is otherwise the same.Group 5unite, humidUnique, university, united, ubiquitous (U BIK quit tus), Munitions, music, minuet, menu, useless, the US, use, used, useful, usually, Mute, cute

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