So, What's the REAL Problem?

When someone comes to me wanting to improve their English or wanting the English of their team to be better I am tasked with two things.

First, I need to know what is wrong with the current English in terms of input and output. Second, I need to know what missed opportunities the current English is responsible for, what opportunities better English could secure. Today, Vanessa Lau, introduced me to the Eugene Swartz*s "5 Stages of Awareness". This reminded me that what I need to know is truly what I need to allow my prospects to discover and actually verbalize, before they are truly ready to seek a real solution to their real problem.

People who ask me how much money, before they really know what I offer and before they really know how much more income they could have, are often those looking for a magic pill that only requires them to buy and swallow. In fact, I am not a magician, I am a guide, a teacher, a coach, a gardener, a team member prepared to work with each prospective client to identify the problem, the solution and the guidance and encouragement to execute the customized plan.

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