If you can already read in English, Readlang is a wonderful way to increase your English vocabulary in a contextual way.


This is Readlang's URL:

And here are two playlists that will definitely give you a good idea of how to use Readlang for your benefit. This is a series of 7 videos. This is a series of 5 videos.

Google Translate

The underlying dictionaries used are from the latest Google Translate. However, sometimes those translations just don't make sense! No problem! You are able to easily edit the translations of the items that are saved automatically in your Word List and in your Flashcard set.

Free or Paid

Readlang is free, however as an unpaid member of the Readlang website, one will be limited to 10 phrase translations per 24 hours. If one needs an unlimited number of daily phrase translations, the cost can be found on the Readlang website. The monthly cost as of November 2020 is $5USD/calendar month. The paid membership is called "premium". See the side by side comparison with the free membership in the screenshot above.

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