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Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Get a diagnosis of what ails your English, then proceed with daily treatment until the ailment(s) disappear. Above all be curious, pay attention, have fun, and more than anything know that you can master English. After all, you already mastered your mother tongue!

Everything Helps--Active More so than Passive

Expose yourself to English in an interactive way on a daily basis. Reading and listening and watching are passive activities, however you can make them active activities by taking note of new or interesting vocabulary and expressions, imitating verbatim what you hear or isolating a sentence and altering the subject and/or the object to make the sentence reflect your reality. Speaking and writing are active activities. Unless you are engaged in back and forth translation, or doing online exercises you might need to look for someone to check your output and give you feedback. One great, and rather natural way, to engage in writing and speaking is to have a conversation in writing and/or with voices, in person or remotely. The feedback will be the response to your output. If you were incoherent or if you communicated something that you did not mean, you will know immediately based on what response your output stimulates.

GBEN Complimentary English Assessment

Are you a non-native speaker of English with an intermediate or advanced level of English? Nice! If you need to get better at English now, sign up for a complimentary assessment of your English. The remote appointments takes about an hour. Afterwards you will receive lots of feedback and a proposal. You may decide to hire me or you may opt to simply take full advantage of the feedback and resources. You win no matter what! It is a no-brainer, really.. Here is the link to the scheduling platform for your GBEN Complimentary English Assessment.. Read, select a date, select a start time. Easy!

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