How People with Different Englishes Communicate

Luckily, communication is not just about words! Context, intuition, tone, and body language play a huge role in communication. However when words are misused and sentences are mis-constructed, even if intonation, context and an image are used, the communication overall can be confusing and downright incoherent! So...

Get the Words Right, Get the Construction Right

Right? Speak and write in sentences, and maybe your audience will model you and speak and write in sentences, too. Avoid abbreviations unless you define them before using them. Avoid speaking and writing compound sentences because they do not make it easier for your audience to understand you. Use Standard American English, or the standard English of your audience. Your goal is to communicate, to be easily understood, to not be misunderstood.

Nowadays as you very well know, people from all over the world, communicate with each other in English, a language that is oftentimes, not their mother tongue, not their native language. There are misunderstandings all the time due to unfamiliar accents, We can and must get accustomed to various accents. We can and must ask for clarification, double check our understanding and double check the understanding of the communication participants. construction, vocabulary, intonation and body language. Imagine if on top of that the participants in the oral or written conversations are speaking in fragments, slang and

GBEN Complimentary English Assessment

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