Finding Time for English

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Even if you are motivated to find time for English, you still may find it challenging. Here are some suggestions that may help you find time for English.

Wake up Earlier

I study German, Spanish, and/or Russian every day. How do I find the time? Easy. I get up early, at least an hour before my first remote client class. I have tons of resources. I use Duolingo, Tandem, text books, online videos, Google translate, a paper notebook and Readlang. Getting up early allows me to take care of my language study along with my housekeeping, personal toilette, meditation, exercise, hydration and food preparation without interruption.

Go to Bed Later

You can push your bedtime up to an earlier time or you can simply replace TV or Netflix with focused effort on improving your English.. This isn't for me since I am such an early riser. In fact I go to bed so early that it might still be daylight outside. Plus I haven´t even owned a TV in 20+ years! And the last time I used Netflix was when we could check in and check out flicks, when DVDs went back and forth in the US Postal Servicde mail.

Use Part of your Lunch Break

If you work in English, you can use part of your lunch break to study in a number of ways. You can have lunch with colleagues in English and/or you can intentionally incorporate vocabulary or structures that you are working on into English output throughout your workday.

Do Two Things at Once

For example, while washing dishes, vacuuming, folding laundry or engaging in some other household task, you can listen to English and use your voice! Listen to audio that you find interesting. It could be a podcast, radio program, music, audio book or online videos. While you are listening you will be moving your body, taking care of another task that is already on your agenda. The task could be housework, but it could also be taking your dog for a walk or getting a workout on a treadmill. While listening, and moving engage your voice. Other things you can do include shadowing English speakers, singing along, repeating facts that you catch, and posing questions inspired by whatever you are listening to. The possibilities go on and on.


Be gentle. Create a daily schedule and choose one activity that you can do for 5 minutes, no more. Stick to your schedule for several consecutive days before extending your time to 10 minutes. Eventually, you will be studying daily for 30 minutes. But take one step at a time. Create a schedule. Choose an activity. Increase your study time in 5 minute increments every week until you are studying 30 minutes per independent study session.

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