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Updated: Jan 4

I will be reviewing some of these courses in October. I just audited the entire"Business English: Basics" course, and unfortunately, I cannot recommend the course. If a course has consistently good quality in terms of content (including quizzes and assignments) and presentation of content for the first week of the course, then that course will make my "short list" of courses I feel comfortable recommending.

If you decide to participate in one of the following courses feel free to share any specific feedback that you have about that course.

By the way, these courses have a cost. If you choose to "audit" a course, you will not need to pay money, In the case of not paying money, you will not receive a certificate and in many cases you will only have some of your assignments and quizzes graded/checked.

Business English for Cross Cultural Communication English for Effective Business Speaking English for Effective Business Writing Grammar and Punctuation Getting Started with Essay Writing Advanced Writing Introduction to Research for Essay Writing Writing and Editing: Revising Writing and Editing: Structure and Organization Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order High Impact Business Writing Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Communication Skills for Engineers Research Proposal: Initiating Research Business English: Management and Leadership Take your English Communication Skills to the Next Level Business English for Cross Cultural Communication English for Effective Business Speaking Writing and Editing: Drafting

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