Comparative Adjectives

Comparative Adjectives (3)

Adjectives are words that describe nouns. Adjectives can also be Comparative – this means that they mean “more + adjective.”

With most short adjectives (1 or 2 syllables), you add “-er.”

  • big bigger

  • funny funnier

  • fast faster

With longer adjectives, you add the word “more.”

  • important moreimportant

  • interesting moreinteresting

  • beautiful morebeautiful

*If an adjective ends in “consonant-y,” you have to change the y to i, then add-er. (funnier, easier)

*If an adjective ends in “vowel-consonant,” you have to double the consonant, then add –er. (bigger, thinner)

Write the Comparative form of the adjectives below:

happy ____________

hot ____________

comfortable ____________

exciting ____________

fat ____________

sunny ____________

silly ____________

complicated ____________

tall ____________

cold ____________

intelligent ____________

big ____________

sad ____________

contagious ____________

funny ____________

ugly ____________

crazy ____________

pretty ____________

cheap ____________

disgusting ____________

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