5 Essential Verb Tenses--Question Fromation

In English there are 12 verb tenses. You need to know how to construct and when to use 5 of those verb tenses. You need to know how to write affirmative statements, negative statements, yes/no questions and information questions.

How to Ask Questions in English (= How to Question in English)

In English there are 12 verb tenses. You will see how to form questions in all 12 of the verb tenses in English. In each case the verb that represents the verb tense being illustrated is underlined. The verb tenses written in bold-face are the essential tenses that must be mastered to communicate effectively and coherently in English.

Simple Past (= Past Simple)

The simple past is used to ask about the past. You may include a time phrase to indicate when in the past. “Ago” may be used with simple past sentences.

Did you eat breakfast today?

Did you learn to play the guitar 10 years ago?

Simple Present (= Present Simple)

The simple present is used ask about habitual behaviour, about permanent features or temporary characteristics

Does your friend eat fruit everyday?

Simple Future (= Future Simple)

The simple future is used to ask about the future.

Will you eat here?

Are you going to eat here?

Present Continuous (= Present Progressive)

The present continuous is used to ask about action in progress now.

What are you eating?

Present perfect

The present perfect tense is used to ask about something that happened in the past, but when in the past it happened is not included in the question. “Since + a point of time in the past” or “for + a period of time in the past” may be used with the present perfect.

I have eaten lobster before. How about you? Have you ever eaten lobster?

Have you worked for HP since 2018?

Have you known each other for a long time?

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