Who I Am

I am Niamaat. I was born and raised in the USA. I have lived in Mexico since 2008. Old San Francisco is my hometown. Now I live in Guadalajara and am seeking a rural community self-sufficient in food, water and energy. I enjoy cleanliness, order, music and rhythm. I adore plants.

Who I Help

I serve adults whose means of earning a living depends on their English fluency. Those adults that I serve remotely are not native speakers of English. Many of the people I assist work in information technology, manufacturing, trade, hospitality or customer service.

How I Help Them

I serve clients through private, tailor-made,  at-a-distance online course during the week or on the weekends. I give editing and proofreading support as needed outside of our class time hours. In fact, whatever is needed in the way of English is provided ASAP. As is pertinent  to out stated objectives, we use online tools and resources to facilitate review, practice, recording of progress. 


Based on an initial assessment and an understanding of their needs, I write and present a detailed proposal. Once the proposal is accepted and payment made, then one-on-one sessions begin as planned. We address issues discovered in the preliminary process as well as issues that come up during our course together.