THE WHAT is the offer

Better English

THE WHY is the reason why you need better English

  • To understand spoken and written English

  • To be able to make direct requests

  • To be willing and able to ask clear questions

  • To deliver clear, concise and unambiguous information in the context of a business or work environment

  • To be respected more

  • To be taken advantage of less

  • To be listened to and to be heard


THE HOW is how to hire me to get better English now

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Learning is easier than ever with Get Better English Now. Clients can customize the learning process based on their own needs, desires and objectives. Our goal is to make it simple and convenient for clients to acquire new skills, as well as correct and refine existing skills. Wherever our clients are in the world and whatever stage of their career they are in--their progress in English is guaranteed.


24/7 accessible single class document
25 minute or 50 minute classes
4 remote classes or 2 remote classes per week
4 week and 8 week customized courses available
After class report sent via email (optional)
Exclusive 1-on-1 remote classes
Initial client assessment
Periodic client survey
Proofreading of work related correspondence either during or outside of our class time
Recoverable classes if scheduled classes are canceled in advance
Referrals are rewarded.
Results are guaranteed, if instructions are followed.
Self-study resources and techniques
Support outside of class is included.
Your problem is clearly defined and the best solution to fix the problem is implemented.
Your why is clearly defined.

Contact Nia

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I like the following things:

​​Nia always gives me feedback about my grammar mistakes; about my pronunciation and intonation; punctuation in written activities.

She always teaches me new vocabulary.

She always answers all of my questions.

She gave me plenty of resources to continue studying (This was awesome. Thank you.)

She always prepares the conversation topics before the sessions.

Her explanations are very detailed and clear.


I liked everything. When I asked her for a change in our conversation schedule she changed it, and I appreciate that.

​​I will continue to use the resources she gave me for some time. When I feel that I need to polish my English some more,  I will for sure hire her again.

Some coworkers at the company where I work, could definitely use her services. In fact, I already gave my team leader all the information about Nia's services.

Thanks a lot for your service, Nia, I am very satisfied with it. I hope many more people can receive it and get its benefits.

Marcelo Rangel

Guadalajara, Mexico



Carlos is a proud father and husband who works for a huge American multinational computer technology company. When asked to complete his exit survey, Carlos wrote:

What did you like about our last 5 weeks together?

  • Nia helped me identify my English issues.

  • We worked together using different techniques to fix my English issues.

Nia provided me several tips and resources to practice English.

Nia encouraged and motivated me to keep practicing and improving my English.

Nia was very dedicated and patient with me.

Nia accepted class changes without any problem.

What didn’t you like about our last 5 weeks together?

Everything was great!

What progress have you noticed?

Corrected pronunciation

More confident speaking and writing English

More vocabulary

What specific problems do you need help with?

Thinking in English when I’m speaking.

More agility structuring sentences when I’m speaking English.

Expanded vocabulary

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Sam wrote:

I met Nia in an English meetup in Guadalajara. Since then, we have been working together to improve my language skills in English. Nia had the ability to quickly identify my needs, and  to provide working solutions at specific deadlines. She is self-motivated and committed to performing her work with excellence. My work with her has consisted of handling and answering questions for job interviews. During this time she has proofread my cover letters and provided me with support, resources, and feedback using a database of almost 40 questions. I strongly recommend her work and coaching advice. Do not hesitate in contacting her!


Sam soon found rewarding and gainful employment in academia as a postdoctoral researcher in  his home state of Leon in Mexico at the Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica.  In late 2019, Sam, probably the most capable PhD under 30 that had ever been seen at that instituion in Leon  moved on to a technical writing position with a company, that provides end-to-end software development for Fortune 500 companies, based in my hometown of San Francisco.

Sam Marquez

Guadalajara, Mexico


Together we went through TOEFL iBT preparation and graduate school application essays. Fabiola has since graduated with a master's degree from Yale University. Now she lives and works for a company based in Washington DC.

Fabiola wrote:

Nia!!!! I got the score a few hours ago!!!! I did it; I got 101!!!! I'm in shock and extremely happy!!!! Nia, I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me; you are the best!!!

Fabi Hernandez

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Nahum and I met in an in-person group class. Nahum's challenge was to  respond to emails clearly, efficiently and directly and to handle his infrequent need to effectively and confidently engage in voice to voice communication with managers, colleagues and users in English.

We worked mostly on sentence construction, email construction and pronunciation.

Nahum works for an American multinational computer technology company officially based in California.

Nahum wrote:

**I liked the conversation and pronunciation topics.

**I liked writing and speaking regarding You tube videos.

**I liked the link recommendations and extra resources.

**I liked collocation phrases and their uses.

**I liked reviewing email conversations.

Nahum Ochoa

Guadalajara, Mexico



So, Fer, what have you liked about our classes?

“It’s been a real pleasure! I liked the variety of activities and the element of surprise and humor. I work really hard and it was fun taking a 25 minute breather during my hectic day to speak with you.  I really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. I liked the flexibility with regard to rescheduling classes. I appreciated the fact that you were available to proofread emails on-demand, when I needed a second set of eyes.

When asked about the improvements seen in our target areas, which included: in/on idioms, pronunciation, more vocabulary variety, ease of expression in English on par with ease of expression in her native language, Fer noted that she has seen improvement in all of those areas. Improvement was facilitated by the methodical  introduction and review of expressions with "in" and "on" as well as other idiomatic expressions; and conversations about a variety of everyday things unrelated to the “Business English” she uses everyday as a project manager for an American, multinational IT company headquartered in California.

Fernanda Ortega

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Jazmin Hernandez.jpg


 Jazmin hired me after attending just one public class. When I asked her why, she said she liked how I taught/ (Thank you, Jazmin!)

Jazmin wants to improve her English to facilitate ease of communication between herself and her clients and to get ready for her eventual move abroad.

In addition to working as a software engineer, Jazmin is an avid dog lover and Latin dance aficionado. There are 4 dogs and 3 humans who live in her home and there is a dance studio around the corner which she visits at least 5 days per week.







Get Better English Now specializes in correcting your flawed English, increasing your comprehension, making you a fluent communicator and getting you ready for your next career move.


We stick to the schedule you choose up front, however if you cancel a session in advance you'll have the opportunity to recover the session before the end of the contract period.


You want a clear and effective plan of action, so your organized sessions reflect your English needs and interests as initially and continuously revealed, directly and indirectly, by you.

You demand efficiency and effectiveness, so your sessions are remote and your class reports are organized and on point, so you can delve in, outside of our sessions, to reinforce the highlights of each one-on-one class.

That's right. Sessions are one on one--no waiting your turn, no being bored or lost because others present know a lot less or know a lot more than you.

No commuting needed. As long as you have a peaceful environment, even the size of a phone booth, and an internet connection, we're good to go! We're virtual.

We  are priced right. We don't pay for brick and mortar. So you don't have to pay for that either.

Welcome home; you're in the right place.




Basic English Grammar Student Book with Answer Key, International Version (4th Edition) 


Fundamentals of English Grammar with Essential Online Resources (4th Edition) 

Chinese speaking teenage and adult students of English (Oxford Picture Dictionary 2E) 

Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Russian: Bilingual Dictionary for Russian speaking teenage and adult students of English (Oxford Picture Dictionary 2E) 

Understanding and Using English Grammar with Essential Online Resources (5th Edition)


Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone 

Essential Idioms in English: Phrasal Verbs and Collocations

Mindset by Carol S. Dwek 

Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual English) 

Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Chinese: Bilingual Dictionary for Chinese speaking teenage and adult students of English (Oxford Picture Dictionary 2E)

Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Russian: Bilingual Dictionary for Russian speaking teenage and adult students of English (Oxford Picture Dictionary 2E) 





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